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Location: Tamarac, FL
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The City of Tamarac is strategically located in the center of Broward County, between Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida. This large metropolitan area affords the residents of Tamarac with a wide range of recreational and cultural options in addition to a strong quality of life.  Tamarac is located within minutes of several major highways, the Ft. Lauderdale Airport, Port Everglades and railway stations. It is easily accessible from the Sawgrass Expressway, the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 95.


Since its incorporation in 1963 by developer Kenneth E. Behring, Tamarac has prospered and grown into a full service city. The City's 12 square miles are located in Central Broward County. The approximate population of the City is 60,000 and an average resident age of 45, and an increasingly diverse population.


As the City’s new tag line states, Tamarac is “The City for Your Life” — not only is it your city from the moment you are born, it also provides the quality and type of life you deserve throughout your lifetime.


The City of Tamarac is a Commission-Manager form of government. The City Manager is appointed by the City Commission and serves as the administrative head of the City's government. The City Manager operates at the direction of the Commission and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the City's departments, as well as guiding growth and development.  The residents of Tamarac are well served by a highly awarded and capable Fire Rescue Department which is routinely recognized nationally, state-wide, and regionally.  The efforts of the team do not go unnoticed by the community of Tamarac.


Quick Facts 

Population: 59,949

Size: 12.122 Square Miles

City Budget: $100,553,216

Fire Rescue Budget: $17,768,100

Number of Stations: 3

Uniformed Employees: 104

Non-Uniformed Employees: 5


About the Fire Department 

Life and property are safer in the City of Tamarac more than ever before. Due to the support of the Mayor and City Commission, over a quarter century of professional firefighting growth has ensured a safe and secure community.


Tamarac Fire Rescue employs state-of-the-art technology. They have the ability to administer the latest clot busting drugs for heart attack victims, thereby saving critical minutes and lives. There is also an aerial platform truck capable of elevated rescue of fire and accident victims, elevated fire streams, and serving as a fully equipped engine. Additionally, the Fire Rescue Department has an engine capable of patient transport as well as firefighting. Personnel are cross trained as Firefighter/Paramedics or Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians.


Tamarac Fire Rescue maintains a Class 2 Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating and responds to a variety of emergency incidents each year.  The organization conducted 5,302 inspections in 2008, which was an increase from 3,131 in 2007.  The Training Division ensured that 30,625 hours of training was completed in 2008. 


Also in 2008, Tamarac Fire Rescue responded to 7,770 EMS-related incidents that resulted in 6,139 patients transported, accounting for approximately 75% of all incidents resulting and over $1.8 million in revenue.  The department is also engaged in a Electronic Patient Reporting and Fire Records Management Project (EMSTARS and FFIRRS) which should be completed by the end of 2009.  The new records management system interfaces with EMS patients and fire responses, as well as the City’s central record system.  The project goal develops a new system for collection and tracking of incident level patient and fire response data, which is then reported on a state and national level.


The City of Tamarac Fire Rescue 2008 Advanced Life Support (ALS) Competition Team competed at several levels from the local to international competition.  The ALS Team placed first at the 12th Annual Broward ALS Invitational Competition and 2nd at the Florida Medical Training Institute.  Additionally, the team placed 6th at the University of Miami Stephanie Brown ALS Competition and closed the season with a 7th place finish in international competition at the Bill Shearer ALS International Competition.


In the early years of firefighting in Tamarac, the job was left to a few eager young firefighters who would jump into their 1974 Plymouth Valiant to answer calls. Anticipating continued growth of the Community and the need for dedicated, well-trained emergency responders, the City Council created the Tamarac Fire Department in 1975 and made Bernard G. Simon the first Fire Chief.


About the Position 

The Fire Chief manages and provides executive leadership to the Fire Rescue Department.   Additionally, this individual oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of departmental policies and programs in accordance with all City, County and State safety codes and emergency policies in order to ensure adequate firefighting services, fire prevention, and emergency medical services for the City.  Reviews work of subordinates for completeness and accuracy.  The current reporting structure is to the City Manager.


Essential Job Functions 

  • Defines and ensures the development and implementation of the Department’s mission, vision and goals in support of the City’s mission, vision and goals.
  • Manages the Fire Rescue Department’s operations, service delivery, and program development and implementation.
  • Directs the allocation of the Fire Rescue Department’s financial, human and technology resources to ensure optimal utilization to meet identified needs.
  • Defines the organizational structure of the department; determines staffing levels and space requirements and allocates resources; allocates work responsibilities; ensures all human resource system for hiring, retaining, training, managing and evaluating employees are in place and applied throughout the department; hires subordinate managers and employees, resolves employee relations and workplace issues, initiates, approves and/or recommends appropriate disciplinary actions.
  • Serves on team of management representatives in the negotiation of labor contracts; administers agreements resulting from collective bargaining on behalf of the City.
  • Ensures the development and application of organizational and program performance measures to use in evaluating the effectiveness of departmental programs.
  • Serves as Emergency Operations Manager for the City, and commands the Emergency Operations Center.   May assume command at multiple-alarm fires or unusual emergencies; may perform duties of firefighter as necessary.
  • Ensures the training of personnel, and efficiency and effectiveness of fire rescue operations including fire suppression, Emergency Medical Services, fire prevention, community programs, and administration.
  • Evaluates fire prevention and fire control policies by keeping abreast of new methods and conducting studies of departmental operations.  Administers laws and regulations affecting department.  Sets standard response protocol. Prepares related programs for implementation and sets departmental policies.
  • Coordinates mutual fire protection plans with surrounding municipalities.
  • As member of the City Manager’s Executive Team, works collaboratively with other department directors to evaluate and prioritize community needs, participates in strategizing and developing citywide policies, priorities, and initiatives and in resolving multi-disciplinary issues and concerns.
  • Reports to the City Manager all matters of concern and/or problems that may require the attention of the City Manager or City Commission.
  • Promotes the City and departmental interests through participation and leadership roles in industry-related associations, and local, state and national organizations, and through direct contact with citizens and citizen groups.
  • Interacts with a variety of groups and individuals in performance of job duties:  City residents, City employees and department heads, members of the City Commission, vendors, doctors, fire chiefs in other municipalities, union officials, business owners, City Attorney, labor attorneys, etc.
  • Reviews statistical reports, operational summaries, and other reports, monitors programs and services to ensure long-term operational effectiveness, continued viability, compliance with federal, state and local regulations, and industry standards.


Candidate Profile 

Interested Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor's degree in Fire Service or related area, supplemented by at least ten (10) years of progressively responsible experience managing a fire control/emergency medical service system, or an equivalent combination of training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.  Must have or be able to obtain a Florida Firefighters Certification and valid Florida driver's license.  A Masters in Fire Service or related,  Executive Fire Officer and/or Chief Fire Officer Designate is desirable.

This position is an important leadership role within the organization.  As a key member of the Executive Leadership Team, this individual will need to display strong leadership, communication, decision-making, and negotiation skills and instill these traits within the rank and file of the Fire Rescue Services Department.  It is imperative that this individual builds credibility and is able to instill accountability and respect within the department.  Additionally, it is also important to ensure adequate succession planning is put into place and that a successful training and mentoring program is introduced and implemented to secure future leadership development among the members of the Fire Rescue Department.  Prior experience leading a department through the accreditation process will be beneficial to the organization.  The successful candidate must demonstrate a clear and articulate strategy for ensuring adequate communication at all levels within the department and offer a method for decision-making.  It is also important for the incoming Chief to build strong relationships within the City of Tamarac and within the Fire Rescue area. Integrity and a commitment to ethics are required traits of a successful candidate.  This individual will need to instill a strong sense of customer service and professionalism within the organization that is focused internally as well as externally to the community.  It is essential that the incoming Chief has experience working in a unionized environment and has had proven success in establishing collaborative, diplomatic working relations with labor and employee associations.


How to Apply

Interested applicants should forward a cover letter and resume to:

Reference TAM-FC

20 North 2nd Street

Harrisburg, PA 17101

888.321.4922 toll free

717.214.2205 fax